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All officers and staff of MOSTI, temporary and contractual are automatically members of the Library. This membership registration synchronized with MOSTI Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Officers and staff are advice to fill up memberships form to update others necessary details. Researchers, students and the public can use the facilities of the Library by filling the necessary personal information in the visitor registration logbook.

Loans, Returns and Renewal
1. In order to qualify staff members of the MOSTI to use the library services especially book loan, staff should become a member of the Library.
2. Please present an identity card to allow the system to access ID patron to enable the material loan process to be made.
3. Researcher, public, University/College students (public or private) can make references in the Library with a formal letter of application for reference/research issued through their respective Department/Agency /Institutions and register in Library visitor registration logbook available.
4. Patrons are responsible for library materials borrowed in their names.
5. Borrower is liable for any loss or damage of the borrowed materials. Library materials damaged / dismissed by the borrower shall be replaced with the same materials or fines will be imposed on the borrower.
6. MOSTI Library members who borrowings the materials should not give the materials borrowed by third parties.
7. Materials borrowed shall be returned before or on the appointed date.
8. The Library reserves the right to recall any library item which is out on loan when the item is urgently required.
9. Borrowers who wish to make a renewal need to notify the library before or on the day, the materials should be returned.
10. To renew the loan, the borrower must bring the book borrowed to the Library first to enable the library to review the physical condition of the material before it is allowed to be renewed.
Renewal is not allowed if:
* the book is overdue
* another patron reserves the book
* the Library is recalling the book

Email Reminders / Overdue Notice
1. The Library system automatically sends email reminders to patrons for a book borrowed.
2. Email reminders/ overdue notices are merely courtesy reminders.
3. Patrons are advised to refer to the due date stamped on the Date Due slip in the book.

Loss and Damages to Library Materials.
The borrower must replace any losses and damages to library materials:
• A replacement copies (being the latest edition at the time of loss) at borrower's own expense;
• On the other hand, the borrower pays the price of the current market price of the latest edition of the lost or damaged item.


Membership and Loan Policy

No Library Collection Loan Eligibility Loan

Internal Members

1 General Collection & Light Reading 3 pcs 3 weeks
2 MOSTI Publications
(The latest from the collection is only available for reference in the library only. However, loans are allowed for back issues as many as 3 issues in a span of a week)
3pcs 1 week
3 Government Ministries/Agencies Publications 3 pcs 3 weeks
4 Magazines & Journals
(The latest from the collection is only available for reference in the library only. However, loans are allowed for back issues as many as 3 issues in a span of 3 week)
3 pcs 3 weeks
5 Buku Pinjaman Berkelompok (PNM) 5 pcs 2 week
6 Examination Books/References 3 pcs 3 weeks
7 Theses References Only
8 References Collection (Encyclopaedias, Almanacs. Theses) References Only
9 External Members References Only

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Library Opening Hours

Day Time
Monday to Thursday 8.00 am - 4.30 pm
Friday 8.00 am- 12.15 noon & 2.45 pm – 4.30 pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday CLOSED

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